Over the years Ken Shapley has been involved with four main areas of work; Professional Storytelling; Didgeridoo tuition and recording; Art and Writing about lucid dreaming. Ken has also recently published his new book When We All Dream Together.

As we approach 2012 our psychic senses are all stepping up a few gears. This, you may have already noticed, permeates our dreaming lives first. This novel explores what happens when 13 lucid dreamers from around the world all start dreaming together. Full of wonderful charachters and gentle humerous wisdom, this book is a blast for 12 year olds and adult kids alike. The film awaits making...any budding script writers/film makers out there?"

Visit Ken's website to preview the first 3 chapters.


K. L. French has a lifelong interest in understanding and interpreting the simple patterns that underlie our lives. Karen speaks regularly around the UK, writes articles on various aspects of sacred geometry and has been interviewed for TV.